Our Ambassadors

We are the Smikkemans family. To create a passionate brand, you need passionate people. Friends, fellow fishermen, specialists… Our love for pike fishing is what motivates us to work together. That’s why we make, test and sell our own lures! We want you to have the same pleasure as we do, so order your own Smikkemans from now on!
Stephan Lamphen

Stephan is a big guy fishing for big predatory fish. A real skilled outdoorsman and familyman. He and his buddy Remco have been in our team from the early start and we really appreciate his faith in our baits.

Remco Altenburg

Remco, Stephan’s fishing buddy is also a skilled pike fisherman from Friesland, in the North of the Netherlands. He fishes for big pike in these great Northern Lakes but not just there!  Together with buddy Stephan he was a finalist during the European Pike Masters 2021.

Pim Busker

…or Sir Pim as we like to call this Nestor of Pike fishing. This man was writing in a lot magazines about pike fishing technics when we were just kids. He tought us a lot about lure fishing in all types of waters. That’s why we are very proud to have him fish our baits every once in a while.

Michiel Krikke

Our webmaster and lure fishing enthousiast. He is the man behind this website. A great guy with a lot of patience… 😉 Thnx buddy!

Johan Volkaerts

Our good friend Johan is prostaffer at the Rozemeijer Brand. (they got great stuff btw) but he is also a Smikkemans baits enthousiast. He caught the first 1 meter + pike on a T-Bone. Many would follow….

Matthijs den Dunnen